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Once a renowned warrior, Bor was exiled for making some unfortunate jokes at the imperial court. Stubborn, strong, and loyal, Bor has flourished at the Immortal Plains monastery, never letting his misfortune get the better of him. Loves big snacks and long naps.

Rising Rage
Bor charges into the enemy, dealing damage
and causing knockback.

Savage Stomp
Bor stomps the ground, increasing his Defense
and dealing damage to enemies in the area.

Shielding Shout
Bor roars fiercely, increasing his Defense
and regenerating HP over time.

Ground Pound
A ferocious smash that deals serious damage.

Cyclone Sweep
A spinning strike that reduces Hyper Armor.

Bor's Barricade
Bor creates a damage-reflecting shield that
always faces forward.

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