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They say that those who live by the sword are fated to die by it, but Sheriff Brimstone chose the pistol and conquered death itself. Empowered by an eldritch pact, Brimstone upholds law and order wherever he goes.

Bullet Storm
Brimstone saturates a circle around him with
gunfire, causing massive damage.

Demon Claw
Brimstone lashes out with infernal energy,
reducing enemy magic defense.

Demon Dash
Slipping into the spirit realm, Brimstone
sprints through obstacles and enemies alike.

Sheriff’s Strike
Brimstone lets loose with an unstoppable
barrage of bullets.

Brimstone unleashes the spirit of vengeance,
dealing continuous damage and weakening armor.

Awakened Vengeance
Brimstone embraces his dark half, increasing his attack speed
and causing both magic and physical damage with every strike.

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