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Exiled to the Nexan Republic by the undead Council of Ghulstadt, Prince Reinhard seeks the aid of the Ten Nations in retaking his homeland. Proud and determined to win at any cost, Reinhard's swordsmanship and charm are his greatest weapons.

Sacred Shout
Reinhard inspires his allies, enhancing their
physical damage.

Sweeping Strike
A wide sword attack that causes knockback.

Sacred Charge
Reinhard sprints into the fray, stunning
enemies in his path.

Leaping Slash
Reinhard jumps through the air and strikes the
ground, knocking enemies back and slowing them down.

A spinning attack that knocks foes into the air,
dealing damage and weakening Hyper Armor.

Royal Rage
A sword strike that deals massive damage to
enemies in the target area, knocking them into the air.

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