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Equally responsible for Ghulstadt's fall as his brother Reinhard, Richter seeks redemption for the Princes' War by scouring his homeland in battle... one zombie at a time.

Avenging Blow
A reckless leaping attack that inflicts [Slow]
on enemies in the area of effect.

Banishing Blades
Richter sends out a row of crystalline swords
that also reduce enemy magic damage.

Dark Defense
An invigorating parry that grants Richter
regeneration for a few seconds.

Wanderer’s Wave
A quick jump and sweeping slash that penetrates
enemy armor.

Sword of Sorrow
A targeted strike that sharply decreases Hyper Armor.

Shadow Vortex
A swirl of swords surrounds Richter and follows
him into battle, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

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