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Raised in the hermetic environment of an Unbroken spacecraft, Vandyne's time in Skyrealm has essentially been one long sneezing fit. Her custom electrical rig gives her incredible speed...and a certain nervous unpredictability.

Vandyne summons a localized storm system that
inflicts [Slow] on anyone in the area of effect.

Electric Field
Vandyne overloads her electromagnetic rig, dealing
continuous damage and pushing enemies back.

Static Shift
Vandyne supercharges her nervous system,
teleporting a short distance forward.

Lightning Lance
A crackling blast of electricity that inflicts [Slow]
on a line of Vandyne’s foes.

Plasma Orbs
Vandyne throws out unstable spheres in an
arc that reduces Hyper Armor.

High Voltage
Vandyne unleashes a slow-moving field that deals
incredible damage and penetrates Magic Resistance.

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