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Join the North American Android CBT!
Servo     8/25/2016    


Join the North American Android CBT!

There's no question that an Android client has been in demand since Heroes of Skyrealm was announced, but our initial tests were iOS-only.

For users in North America, that changes today!

From now until September 9th at midnight PDT, Android users can join the battle for Skyrealm in a 2-week Closed Beta Test. To get in on the action, simply point your Android device here to download the Android Closed Beta client.

And while you're having fun gathering heroes and fighting evil, let us know what you think! You can send feature requests, bug reports, criticism – really, anything you'd like – through the in-game feedback system. And if you get a chance, please fill out our Closed Beta Survey. Include the email address associated with your account, and you'll receive an exclusive item code redeemable when Open Beta launches!

Please note that all character and account data will be purged at the end of the CBT – that's September 9th at midnight PDT. But until then, enjoy!

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