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Codename Chrono Clash –Closed Beta Round 1
Servo     7/13/2016    

It was bound to happen eventually. Secrets this good don't stay secret for long!

At the end of June, we put out a call on Facebook for testers – players with the fortitude and patience to experience Heroes of Skyrealm in all its unpolished glory, and to help refine the experience as we move towards the next stage in development. Conducted through Apple's popular TestFlight program, this iOS-exclusive beta test was codenamed Chrono Clash after the game's original title.

Player response has been enthusiastic to say the least, with nearly half a thousand users answering the call. While players have powered through the single-player campaign, PvP competition has raged as testers go head to head in Arena battles, climb the ranks of the Gladium, and fortify floating islands in Stronghold mode.

And while they've been relentless in their pursuit of victory, our testers have been equally passionate about giving feedback. Well over 100 issues have been identified and passed to the development team, and every new build brings us closer to a true launch candidate. Testers can expect interface improvements, a refined storyline, new levels, performance optimizations, and more – basically everything you've enjoyed about Heroes of Skyrealm, only better!

If you haven't had the opportunity to participate in Closed Beta 1, we have good news for you. Although dates are still in the works, bigger and better things – most importantly, cross-platform things – are coming soon! So if you'd like to be considered for future tests, please make sure you've signed up for the Heroes of Skyrealm Newsletter, then send us an email at with your mobile OS and device specs. We'll get in touch as more details become available!

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