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Voices of Skyrealm Part 1 – Recording
Servo     5/6/2016    

As we look back on the development process, it's clear that the way Heroes of Skyrealm soundsis just as important as how it looks and plays. Daniel Sadowski's soundtrack is a huge part of that – and we hope to bring you a big announcement about that over the next couple of weeks. But looking at the action RPGs that inspired us, like the larger-than-life heroes of the Dynasty Warriors and Sengoku Basara series, made us realize that giving each character a unique voice could really help give a personality to match their presence on the battlefield.

The quest for character voices brought Yifei and I to Shanghai last month to pay a visit to 奇响天外 , or Echo-Sky Studio in English. As we arrived at the address, a big sign announced "K歌之王– King of Party", a great name for a karaoke place (or KTV, as they're called in China). As it turns out, that's exactly what it was! With a wealth of soundproofed rooms, it proved to be the perfect location, if a little lonely and quiet at 1 in the afternoon. But we eventually found our way through the long hallways of the KTV, and蛋蛋 (Dan Dan) welcomed us to the Echo-Sky control room.

Over the course of the day, eight voice actors (nine if you count my performance as Galleon) stepped into the booth to give voice to sixteen characters. From saying hello on the character selection screen, to taking damage in battle, to unleashing devastating Fury attacks, the voice clips we recorded in Shanghai really bring the Heroes of Skyrealm cast to life!

Direction on the right, engineering on the left – this setup allows the Echo-Sky team to capture memorable performances as they happen.

It was great to be able to see each character's lines on a big monitor, and the actors in the recording booth could as well. Even though we could speak to them through a microphone, highlighting things on the monitor was both faster and less distracting than speech.

Voice acting takes a lot of things – focus, talent, solid breathing techniques… and water. Hydration is a real lifesaver, especially when you're belting out a battle cry for the fifteenth time!

From left to right: an amusingly named hotel, the view from the control room's back window, and a bowl of tasty beef noodles

Even though the first round of recordings have ended, bringing them into the game is an ongoing process – matching voice clips to animations, making sure each voice blends well with the soundtrack, and the like – but we're sure you'll enjoy the end product. We'll be back with some in-game samples next time!

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