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The Music of Skyrealm
Servo     1/3/2016    

Although best known by the Mechanist team for his outstanding work on City of Steam, Daniel Sadowski's distinctive sound has also been featured in titles like Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Disciples III: Renaissance, as well as film and TV spots.

So when the time came to put together the Heroes of Skyrealm OST, the decision was easy – and the results are undeniably cool. Daniel was kind enough to document the production process, including his orchestral work with the Northwest Sinfonia. Learn more about the personalities, performances, and technology behind Heroes of Skyrealm's score below– and keep reading for some additional insights from Daniel Sadowski.

And remember to keep an eye out for more news about the Heroes of Skyrealm OST – we'll be previewing full tracks in the future!

Daniel Sadowski, on collaborating with Mechanist Games again

Mechanist and I have worked together for about 4 years now. So there’s a lot of trust in that relationship. The way we usually talk about making a new game is really just to go through all the details – the game, the world, and the characters. All the pieces that make the game special and unique. It's more like I need to find that special sound that really brings all their game elements together.


On being involved with fresh IP

It’s a new game. It’s a new IP – and that’s a very risky move. It’s really hard to promote something creative nowadays, and most big companies are falling back on their older successful franchises. So Skyrealm’s artistic merits have really got to shine out to grab the audience and draw them in – and that makes the requirements a lot higher.


How instrumentation can evoke the world of Skyrealm

We got the stratosphere, thin air, less oxygen, high altitude… so ethereal voices, clouds and pure sunlight, drifting clouds. We've got the huge world feel, the “big game” feel […] so we need a good bank of strings and brass to give it the breadth, the volume. And there’s the ethnic flavor, the added chants, shouts, harp, drums, and a host of other wooden, shell, and primitive instruments that are drizzled into the mix.

Working on a score like this, when I can get all the elements flowing together, there are just so many little magical moments, like little spine chills, and I really hope we can give the players a score worth remembering.

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